Speculative Fiction of the Highest Caliber

Coming Soon in January 2019

Teasers book coverErotic Teasers

I am so excited to be included in this anthology from Rachel Kramer Bussel and Cleis Press. I have always admired Bussel's editorial work on these types of anthologies. This was my second submission to her and I was thrilled when I got the acceptance.

The collection will include stories on the erotic nature of teasing. I promise that mine is not the type of story you might first imagine under this theme but it should appeal to anyone who has enjoyed my work in the past and likes a slow build-up.

Teasers book coverKintsugi: Powerful Stories of Healing Trauma

This non-fiction anthology asked survivors of abuse to share their stories of recovery — no matter the stage they are in. My piece goes into more detail about my past and recovery than I have ever offered to the general public before. If you are a survivor or are in a relationship with an abuse survivor, this will be a book that offers you insight, acceptance, and hope.